Brandywine Heights school rid of mold, nearly ready to reopen

Brandywine school rid of mold, nearly ready to reopen

TOPTON, Pa. - It took a lot of time and persistence, but the Brandywine Heights Elementary School has finally shed its mold problem.

"We are getting excited," said Andrew Potteiger, Brandywine Heights superintendent. "I actually had a bunch of teachers come up to me and say, 'This is working, but I am kind of like Dorothy, ready to go back home.'"

Almost 450 students were displaced after mold was discovered in 18 classrooms this summer.

After several failed attempts at cleaning the carpets and ridding the building of mold, the school board decided to rip up the carpets and lay brand new tile.

Now, crews have finished two-thirds of the building and are working hard to complete the remaining third this week.

After the floors are complete, the staff still has another task at hand. They have to move all of the furniture and equipment back into the classrooms before the children can return.

The staff expects it to take a few days for students to adjust to being back in their normal building.

"They are going to have to learn new routines, where to go to the bus line, lunch line, how to go to the bathroom. It is going to be like starting school all over again," said Potteiger.

Staff members plan to move all of the furniture back into the classroom next Fri., Nov. 1 and invite community members to come and help. There will be no school that day for kindergarten through 3rd graders.

Then, the K-3 students will move from the middle school back into the elementary school on Mon., Nov. 4.

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