Brother returns from Afghanistan to surprise sister at senior ceremony

Albright College basketball player screams when she sees her brother walk into the gym

Albright player surprised during senior day ceremony

READING, Pa. - Albright College woman's basketball player Meghan Boyle took to the court for her very last game on Saturday night.

But what she was not expecting was to see her brother William home on a surprise visit from Afghanistan.

"I do not think I could put it into words. I watched the video after it happened, and at the time I had not even realized I screamed. It was amazing," said Boyle.

Boyle tells us she and her brother William are very close. They are only 14 months apart, but she has not seen him in almost a year after he left for his first deployment with the U.S. Army.

"The Albright basketball team has become like my second family. So not being able to play with them is going to be a huge change and a huge transition and sharing that moment with them also meant a lot because I know how much they mean to me and they know how much Billy means to me. It was emotional not just for me, but for my first family and my second family," said Boyle.

After Saturday's game, Meghan ranks fourth on the list of most rebounds in Albright's history.

She now can catch up with her brother in their home in Massachusetts until he leaves again next Monday.

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