Bus problems upsetting parents in Reading School District

Bus problems upsetting parents in Reading School District

READING, Pa. - It was a rough start to the school year for some parents and students in the Reading School District.

Parents say they spent part of the afternoon not knowing where their kids were, after an apparent bus mix up.

"This is crazy. My daughter is not on this bus and this is where she's supposed to be. Now what?" said Yvonne Sanchez, mother.

Sanchez was just one of several angry parents waiting at the intersection of Patton and McClellen streets in the Oakbrook section of Reading, Tuesday afternoon.

The bus driver explained to 69 News that she was told to transport kindergartners on one trip, and first through third graders on another.

For Bethzaid Flores, it wasn't a matter of a late drop off. She says he daughter was simply left at the wrong bus stop.

"I was pretty upset because it's my child. She's 7 years old," said Flores. "What mother would want her child dropped off somewhere that's far away."

Just last August, parents in the Oakbrook section endured a similar ordeal when kids as young as 6 years old were dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

School board member, Rebecca Acosta, said she would take action to try to resolve the problem.

"Having a child, and not knowing, or being left in the wrong bus stop, is, as a parent, concerning."

Acosta said that she notified the superintendent about the school bus mix ups and hopes to have the problem fixed by Wednesday.

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