Business as usual for Maxatawny Township Supervisors

MAXATAWNY TWP., Pa. - Wednesday night's Maxatawny Township Board of Supervisors' meeting was markedly calmer than last month's, when citizens loudly voiced their concerns about the allegations against Supervisor Mel Fishburn, in what Steve Miller of the Maxatawny Township Municipal Authority called a "rodeo."

Fishburn has been accused of allegedly disseminating confidential executive session information to Kutztown Borough with regard to its ongoing $5 million litigation with Maxatawny Township and Municipal Authority.

Prior to calling the meeting to order, Chairman, Allen Leiby, hoped for a "quiet and orderly meeting."

Save for one minor confrontation, Leiby got his wish.

The first announcement of the meeting was that the board held a brief executive session on March 17, 2014 to discuss the litigation involving Kutztown Borough's counter claim and the court's dismissal of the individuals named in the claim.

In response, Fishburn noted on the record, "I was not invited to that meeting, nor did I know the meeting happened."

The board members did not respond, and continued quickly through the remainder of the agenda without incident. 

According to Solicitor Jill Nagy, this week Kutztown Borough again demanded that the new sewer plant at the heart of the issue be deeded over to the borough, and not to the Saucony Creek Regional Authority.

The Saucony Creek Regional Authority is the new board that was to be created to manage the new facility under the agreement that was allegedly breached, and the subject of the pending litigation.

The township has yet to receive a response from the borough on its proposal for a revised agreement.

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