Caught on camera: Cat rescued after spending 2 days in tree

Caught on camera: Cat rescued after spending 2 days in tree

READING, Pa. - People were not the only ones sweating it out over the last couple of days; so was a helpless animal.

A seven-month-old kitten had been stuck for two days in a tree in Reading.

"For like two or three days we heard it meowing and could not figure out where it was coming from. We were looking under cars, under porches and everything," said Rachael Brumbaugh.

Residents of the 700 block of Chestnut Street said it was not until a friend stopped by to visit that they spotted the cat high up in a tree.

"We called the fire department and the fire department said they do not rescue cats out of trees, so I love animals. I am not going to let the cat fall, so I just climbed up the tree to go get it," said Jasmine Santos.

While Santos climbed the tree, her friends held out a blanket in case the kitten fell, but once Santos grabbed hold of the cat, she had to make a quick decision.

"When I had her on me and I was trying to climb down, the branch that I had my foot on started to break. She started to panic, so it was either toss her or let her climb back up the tree," said Santos.

So, she tossed the cat out of the tree.

The owner, Robin Alcantara, said she is grateful to Santos for putting herself in harm's way to save her kitten, Teetee.

"My kids love animals, so I know they would have been upset if anything would have happened to her," Alcantara said.

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