Cell phone video captures moments after deadly robbery

"It [the video] corroborates the fact this shooting was justified," DA says

Cell phone video captures moments after deadly robbery

READING, Pa. - Cell phone video obtained by 69 News sheds some light on the shooting of two robbery suspects in Reading on Monday.

The video was taken by a witness at the scene outside Krick's Korner store, 1671 N. 9th St., providing an angle that investigators, who watched surveillance video frame by frame, hadn't seen before Wednesday.

District Attorney John Adams said the video further proves the shooting of the two suspects by a "concerned citizen" was justified, showing the gun still in his right hand.

"It corroborates the fact this shooting was justified," Adams said. "The concerned citizen stayed at the scene until police arrived."

69 News showed the video to the district attorney. He said the man acted responsibly when William Medina, 24, and Robert De Carr, 18, burst into the store with masks and guns and terrorized employees.

"He acted as any law-abiding citizen would," Adams said.

Police said the man witnessed the robbery and met the two men when they walked outside. He told them not to move, he was calling police, but a struggle ensued and police said when he was threatened, he shot them both in the chest.

The suspects' alleged partner in crime, Alexander Garcia-Bialek, 21, has been coined the getaway driver. Now he's facing 2nd degree murder charges.

Days later, the concerned citizen is still not talking publicly, fearing for his life.

"Had he not acted in the manner that he did, he himself most likely would have been a victim," Adams said.

The DA said the man handed over his gun, his license to carry and his holster when police arrived. Officers were in contact with him again Wednesday. They said he's doing well, but still going through a very tough time.

Adams also revealed Wednesday that the guns the two men had when they were killed were stolen, but he wouldn't say from where they were taken.

Also, a memorial set up outside Krick's Korner store for the two men who were shot has been moved. Family members said police told them to move it overnight.

The candles, signs and teddy bears stirred up a bit of controversy. Many were upset that the memorial was put there because the men who died were accused of robbing the store.

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