Community reacts to drug bust in Topton

Community reacts to drug bust in Topton

TOPTON, Pa. - Five deaths in a matter of months; heroin is a powerful drug that grabbed hold of some of the youth in Topton and led to several overdoses.

"Shock. We have always suspected that there was drugs going on a little bit. But not to the point where kids were dying," said Ron Reimert of Topton.

Police say the drug was infiltrating schools and they in fact arrested two students at the high school, including one 17-year-old girl, who they say had heroin in her possession.

"I knew it was in the school for a while. A lot of kids did not think that the school or cops were doing anything. But obviously it shows they are doing something about it," said Brandywine Heights High School Junior McKaide Fenstermacher.

McKaide Fenstermacher is a junior at Brandywine Heights Area High School. He lost his best friend to the drug and says no one is beyond its reach.

"They are good kids but it is just bad decisions. It is sad," said Fenstermacher.

Police made 13 arrests in all, and ten of them were people under the age of 21.

"Wow. I lived here for 20 some years and I did not realize it was that bad," said Bruce Yoder of Topton.

Many community members we spoke with say they are relieved these arrests have been made however, they feel more needs to be done.

"I think the town needs to look into maybe having its own police force so cops can be patrolling around here more often," said Derek Beitler in Topton.

"You have to keep after it. It is not going to go away overnight," said Yoder.

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