Corn maze cutting mishap at Wilcox Farms near Boyertown has people talking

Aerial photo of maze proves depicted llama is a male

Corn maze cutting mishap has people talking

DOUGLASS TWP., Pa. - A mistake in the cutting of a corn maze near Boyertown has a lot of people talking.

The kids' maze at Wilcox Farms depicts a llama, but if you look at the aerial picture, the way the maze is cut proves the llama is male.

Organizers said their mazes are cut professionally by the same man every year, and they believe it was just an honest mistake. They said there have been a few complaints about how the maze looks from above, but they said most people aren't offended, and some think it's funny.

"Some. Some just they come and do it every year. Some people, they have to take a good family thing and make it into something more than what it is," said Beth Schultz, Wilcox Farms.

Wilcox Farms said there are no plans to change the maze or the aerial picture.

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