Costume shop owner careful about clown sales

'We probably won't sell them to kids unless their parents are with them'

Costume shop careful about clown sales; video report by WFMZ's Jim Vasil

MUHLENBERG TWP., Pa. - Had enough of the clowns? Well, Halloween is coming, and given the recent "creepy clown" trend, a lot of folks are anxious.

So is costume shop owner Sheldon Meyer. Forty-five years inside Meyer's Costumes on Kutztown Road in Muhlenberg Township has taught him that costumes can come with trouble.

"In this business, there's always something that comes along that you've got to watch what you sell, because it's going to probably offend somebody," said Meyer.

But this time, clowns have become tied to threats, including recent threats at some schools in Berks County. The threats were found on Instagram, causing authorities to take precautions and parents to worry.

Meyer said he's not a fan of clowns to begin with, so it's not like he's ordering these creepy clown masks in large amounts anyway, but he said what he does sell, he's going to do so with caution.

"We probably won't sell them to kids unless their parents are with them," said Meyer.

He said he's sold a pretty normal amount of clown gear so far this season. He said if things got bad enough, he'd pull them from the shelves, but for now, they're for sale.

"I hope that it's just a phase and it ends quickly," he said.

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