DA: Spring Twp. police officers justified in shooting of suspect

DA: Officers justified in shooting man behind wheel of car

READING, Pa. - A pair of police officers were justified in shooting a man who allegedly tried to run them down with his car, authorities announced Monday.

Rodney Hojnowski was wanted for a parole violation when the Spring Township officers attempted to pull him over on Route 724 on March 20, police said.

As they approached his car, however, police said Hojnowski stepped on the gas and tried to run over the officers.

The officers managed to draw their guns and open fire, shooting Hojnowski in the chest, but that didn't stop him, police said.

Hojnowski continued to flee, making it to his home on Cleveland Avenue before he collapsed, police said.

Hojnowski, 31, survived his injury. He's due in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing on charges of attempted homicide, assault and related offenses.

Pennsylvania State Police investigated the incident, concluding that both officers "were in danger of death or serious bodily injury when they discharged their duty weapons," said Berks County District Attorney John Adams, who added that the "officers showed extreme constraint during the incident."

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