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DA: Suspected shooter accused of sexually assaulting girl

Berks Co. district attorney calls it one of the most disturbing cases he's ever seen

Suspected shooter accused of sexually assaulting girl

A Birdsboro man sexually assaulted a teenage girl and tried to sell her for sex to his friends, investigators said Thursday.

Christopher Yingling is facing 19 charges, including sexual assault, corruption of minors and prostitution. Police said they were tipped off after Yingling punched the girl in the face, breaking her nose.

The Berks County district attorney called it one of the most disturbing cases he's ever seen. After four months of investigation, officials uncovered what they called chilling criminal acts.

"Not only did he sexually assault this young lady, he took naked pictures of this young lady, he attempted to prostitute this young lady, he physically abused this young lady," explained D.A. John Adams.

According to court records, the abuse went on for about seven months in 2011. According to the affidavit, Yingling, 42, forced the 14-year-old to have intercourse with him, shared nude photos of her with other people and tried to sell her for sex to his friends.

"Not only was he himself using her as his pawn but he was attempting to prostitute this young lady and have her abused by others."

Investigators say Yingling physically forced the teen to call his friends and offer sex acts in exchange for money. The victim told police the abuse would happen when Yingling was drunk.

Thursday night people who live near Yingling were stunned to hear the allegations.

"I think it's people taking advantage of the innocent," said Becky Slaydon.

"It's a big shocker," said Paul Johnson. "Really big shocker."

Johnson has lived in the area for more than 40 years. He says child abuse is unacceptable.

"The guy gets what he deserves, I mean I hope he stays there for the rest of his life, he needs help, he needs a lot of help."

Yingling was already behind bars in Berks County Jail on attempted murder charges. In January he was arrested after shooting his girlfriend's ex-husband in Spring Township.

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