Deadline for Obamacare looming

Deadline for Obamacare looming

The deadline to sign up for health care is less than a week away and some who have waited until the last minute are finding the process even more frustrating than they'd planned for.

"I've registered, I'm eligible I've just been having a hard time to pick a plan that would be the most suitable for me," said David Smith of Bethlehem.

Like many others, Smith called on navigators like Dorothy Hartman with Berks Encore to help him sort things out.

The problem Hartman has is she's so busy she's now completely booked and only has time to see people via appointments.

"We stay busy yeah," said Hartman. "We've basically seen about 900 people since October."

As to why he waited until the last minute, Smith says he had his doubts and decided to wait and see where things went.

"People couldn't even get on the website you know what I mean so they had to revamp that whole thing so that did delay things," he said.

However Hartman says the glitches are now gone and suggests it's best to go online and at least weigh your options.

"They can pretty much see what's available to them and I would suggest looking at that first, kind of get an idea of what your choices are and what you might want to do and then call the 1-800 number," she said.

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