Dental work gives lucky recipient a reason to smile

Dental work gives lucky recipient a reason to smile

WYOMISSING, Pa. - Most of us do not think twice when we chew a piece of food. But for some who suffer from severe dental problems, chewing can be a daily struggle.

That was the case for one Berks County woman who struggled with her dental health since childhood, but thanks to Berks Oral Surgery in Wyomissing, she got a huge transformation.

"With 'New Teeth Today' we can provide immediate improvement in a patient's life and their ability to chew that day, and that is why it is really powerful," said Dr. Steven Fallon.

Doctors at Berks Oral Surgery offer a procedure called "New Teeth Today." Instead of getting numerous surgeries and implants, patients can come in and get all of their remaining teeth pulled and one large implant put in the same day. And this year, the practice decided to give one patient the entire $20,000 procedure for free.

"It was just a way over the holiday season we thought we wanted to give back because there is a lot of people out there that are suffering and want to have this," said Fallon.

Fallon said the woman was overjoyed with the results.

"She was comfortable and is going to be pretty excited to start chewing on things without having her prosthetic move around. She is thrilled, and right now she is ecstatic about how she looks," said Fallon.

This was the first time the practice offered the surgery for free, but Fallon said they plan to continue it in the future.

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