Digging out fire hydrants an important task after snowfall

Digging out fire hydrants an important task after snowfall

With all the snow we have been seeing, firefighters have an important reminder for homeowners.

They say there is something you should be doing now that could save your home in the future.

When firefighters in Muhlenberg Twp., Berks Co., respond to a call, time is always of the essence, but Mother Nature can get in the way when it comes to burying fire hydrants in several inches of snow. That is why it is important for homeowners to clean off the hydrants after a snow storm.

"It is important for us to get access to the fire hydrant that way if we do have a situation where we have a fire, and we need more water, then we are able to access to the fire hydrant in a sufficient amount of time," said Dep. Chief Andy LaFaver, Temple Fire Co.

Fire officials told us it is important to clean off the fire hydrant within 24 hours of a snow event, and you need to clear off two feet around the perimeter.

"Cleaning off the fire hydrant and making it easier for us firefighters to obtain that water supply as quickly as we can will prevent further damage," said LaFaver.

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