Dinosaurs come alive in exhibit at Reading Public Museum

Dinosaurs come alive in exhibit at Reading Public Museum

The sights and sounds of Jurassic Park will soon be right here in our backyard.

A T-Rex didn't roam the earth when humans did, but that will change this summer in Reading. Dinosaurs: T-Rex Face-to-Face opens at the Reading Public Museum on Sunday.

"The experience -- the dinosaurs kind of size them up," explained Scott Schweigert, a curator at the Reading Public Museum. "They've got software inside of them that recognizes human faces. They'll know when they're being watched and will react accordingly."

And if it's not scary enough to watch them watch you, the constant breathing and sniffing of the T-Rex may just do the trick.

A flat-screen TV at the beginning of the exhibit shows dinovision. You see what the T-Rex sees and how he stalks his prey.

"When the T-Rex roars the Triceratops mama lets out a really loud roar probably letting her babies know danger is lurking," said Schweigert.

But first, you have to get past the two velociraptors.

"It's a good demonstration of sort of survival during these times," said Schweigert.

And if you're brave enough, you could be the first of your friends to see these extinct creatures come to life.

"This is the first time these creatures have been been East of the Mississippi ever," said Schweigert. "We're extraordinarily excited about it."

The exhibit lasts through Labor Day, and it's not just for kids.

"I think grandparents, and parents alike will be just as fascinated as the kids will be by these creatures," said Schweigert.

How children will react to what they love in books and on TV is unknown, but the dinosaurs are awaiting their visit anxiously.

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