Dispute over bill for park renovations in Bern Township

Dispute over bill for park renovations

BERN TWP., Pa. - It is baseball season in Berks County and one of the baseball fields at the Youth Recreation Facility in Bern Township just got a major facelift.

The field was renovated, sidewalks were added and the big Berks Green Monster was installed.

"Everybody loves it," said Dan Clouser, the President of BIG Vision Foundation.

It all cost about $500,000, but the bill has yet to be paid.

It is because of a dispute between the county and the BIG Vision Foundation, which leases the property.

Back on December 19, county commissioners passed a resolution to prepare an ordinance allowing the foundation to take out a loan with a bank.

The financing was not guaranteed, but BIG Vision started building anyway.

Later on February 27, Dan Clouser tells us the commissioners instead suggested to cut out the bank and provide the funding themselves.

But Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt tells us that because Clouser was unwilling to pay the closing costs, the commissioners no longer supported that agreement.

The only thing left to this renovation is to install the sign and put in some engraved bricks on the ground. At this point Clouser says he just wants the funding to get it done.

"We just want to move forward and get it done, have them keep the promise they kept and allow us to keep doing what we do," said Clouser.

But Commissioner Barnhardt says BIG Vision will have to look for funding elsewhere.  They are no longer interested in funding the project nor guaranteeing it through a bank. The county's legal team and budget director are not confident BIG Vision will be able to repay the loan.

So for now, the foundation will have to look elsewhere for money to pay off the completed renovations.

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