Elaborate Christmas Display Wins National Contest

Elaborate Christmas Display Wins National Contest

WYOMISSING, Pa. - One Wyomissing family is spreading Christmas cheer to hundreds this year by showcasing their elaborate light display. But it is more than just a draw for community members. On Monday night the family won ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight and received thousands of dollars.

The Macrina family decked out their house for the holidays. Their home on Lincoln Court in Wyomissing has more than 60,000 lights.

"It is awesome. It is awesome," said Fu Kha of Denver, Lancaster County.

Dozens of families were drawn out to the Macrina's home after seeing them win ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight.

"We had to come out and check it out," said Jodi Bones of Lebanon.

"I was literally speechless," said contest winner Tim Macrina.

ABC contacted the Macrina family about the contest last November. Over the last six years they put up a light display at their home in West Reading. But in July the family moved to Wyomissing and ABC gave them just three weeks to assemble the elaborate arrangement.

"So for three weeks between my day job and the lights, I was working 20-21 hours a day for three weeks," said Macrina.

They were competing against three other homes across the country. But in the end they won.

There are dozens of cars just lined up waiting to see this display and they are traveling from all over Pennsylvania.

"I live in Lebanon," said Bones. "I thought well, that is only like 40 minutes away. Let us go."

"We do this for the community. We love that our neighbors love it," said Macrina.

"This is the biggest one we have ever seen. The kids are really excited," said Kha.

The Macrina family won $50,000 and a light bulb trophy. They plan to share their winnings with some families and go on a Disney cruise.

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