Electric rates to increase June 1

Electric rates to increase June 1

Laura Weaver is one of the thousands of Met-Ed customers in the region. She was shocked to find out that her electric bill could increase by about 25 percent on June 1.

"It is kind of shocking actually because just coming out of college, I have all of my student loans and my fiance and I are just starting to get on our feet," said Laura Weaver of Pottstown.

Depending on your provider, you could be paying more or less.

The PUC says it is time for utility companies to buy power and right now that rate is at a higher price.

"By law, the utilities, Met-Ed, PPL, PECO, they cannot make a profit on electric generation. So they are simply going out, buying that power and passing along that cost to the customer," said information specialist Dave Hixson with the Public Utilitiy Commission.

Some Met-Ed customers say a 25 percent hike might be too hard to handle.

"It makes me worry because as a 20 something, getting on my feet is hard enough. Knowing that I am going to have to pay more for something as simple as electricity is going to be rough," said Weaver.

And others might consider changing providers.

"We have to definitely weigh our options because money is tight. The economy is still underwater," said Mark Krotee of West Reading.

But beware: the PUC encourages customers to be careful when switching providers, especially after numerous customers switched providers this winter and saw their electric bills soar.

"Make sure you are completely comfortable with all the terms and conditions before you make the switch to a supplier," said Hixson.

The PUC says to look at the kilowatt per hour and look to see if it is a fixed rate or variable rate.

A fixed rate offers some stability because the price will not fluctuate. With a variable rate, you could start paying less, but as demand goes up, so could your costs.

The PUC also says to be aware of any introduction prices or cancelation fees.

All of that information can be found at its website

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