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Exeter homes damaged by fallen trees during Hurricane Sandy

Video: Dwayne Parker explores family's damaged home

EXETER TWP., Pa. - Many are lucky to be alive on one street in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., after superstorm Sandy left nothing but destruction.

Several homes on Church Lane Road had 100-foot trees fall on top of their homes, crashing through the roof.

When Mark Reich heard the wind howling, he and his wife evacuated, but he later received a call that a tree fell on his home.

"The tree actually hit the bedroom," Reich said. "Debris is laying on my wife's side of the bed. Very fortunate we both got out of there."

Reich's neighbors, Susan Adamitis and Phil Van Coeur, are also breathing a sigh of relief.

Adamitis said she was looking out the window when a 150-foot tree came crashing on top of her home.

"It didn't set in until maybe 10, 15 minutes later," said Adamitis, whose exercise room was destroyed.

A door somehow ended up on top of the beams for the ceiling. Insulation that was once in the ceiling was scattered all over the floor.

Adamitis' fiance, Phil, said he is just grateful both he and Susan survived.

"We heard a loud roar outside, and we heard the tree hit through the house. You know, we ducked for cover and hoped for the best," said Van Coeur.

For Berks residents who are in need of a safe play to stay, contact the Berks chapter of the American Red Cross at 610-375-4383.

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