Fairgrounds Square Mall security ready to keep shoppers safe

How's mall security in your area?

MUHLENBERG TWP., Pa. - New details are out Wednesday night about the man who opened fire at an Oregon Mall killing two people and seriously injuring a teenager. The shooter and the victims have been identified. But the motive is still a mystery.

A mass shooting like what happened in Oregon could happen anywhere.

At the Fairgrounds Square Mall in Muhlenberg Twp., Berks Co.,  security said a mass shooting is not their biggest concern, but they do want to make sure everyone has a safe shopping experience during the holidays.

Tracy Morrison is the account security manager at the Fairgrounds Square Mall.

"I'm a people watcher. I love watching people," said Morrison, "I like seeing what they're doing."

Morrison said during the holidays the mall has more activity and they have to be prepared.

"Paying attention to details, who's here, what's going on," said Morrison.

Holiday shopping came to a standstill Tuesday in Oregon.

"I heard two shots and then about after that I heard 15, 16 shots and decided that was gunshots so I hit the floor," said the mall Santa.

Police said 22-year-old Jacob Roberts opened fire on shoppers, killing 54-year-old Cindy Yuille and 45-year-old Steven Forsyth. He also seriously injured a teenager before turning the gun on himself. It was a frightening experience for shoppers in Oregon.

But here in Berks, shoppers said they weren't frightened to be out and about.

"I've always felt safe here," said Cheryl Jones, "I love this mall."

Morrison and her staff are a big part of that. She said typically they are concerned about retail theft. But the entrance of the mall warns guns are not permitted and Morrison said she has asked people to leave the mall with concealed weapons.

"The biggest thing is when something happens knowing what to do and how to handle it and not panicking," said Morrison.

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