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Family speaks out after teen has gun pointed at him

Family speaks out after teen has gun pointed at him

READING, Pa. - The fallout continues in the Reading School District over a gun that was allegedly pointed at student in an empty classroom.

The incident happened at the Citadel Intermediate High School, Wednesday, Nov. 20, and the victim is a 13-year-old student, police said.

The victim's family members tell 69 News that they were never notified by the school district.

"What, they would have called us and waited until he died? Or until he got shot or something? It's not right," said Jose Bobet-Torres, the victim's uncle.

One day after the incident, school district authorities confirm they were made aware of what happened.

"At the time the information came to our attention, the weapon was no longer on school district property. There was no evidence that any one was put in danger at that point in time," said Karen Gokay, acting superintendent.

The police were promptly notified of the incident, school administrators confirm.  

Family members of the 13-year-old boy say they finally learned of the incident, Saturday, Nov. 23, when police knocked on their front door, asking to speak with the victim.

The boy's uncle said the 13-year-old kept quiet about the incident because he feared for his life.

"He started crying and explaining to us what was going on, and scared, and he didn't want to go to school for a few days," Bobet-Torres said.

News of this incident has angered some local leaders like Eddie Moran, who not only has a son who attends the Citadel, but has also been recently elected to the school board.

As a new school board member, he says preventing students from getting into buildings with weapons will be a top priority.

"Security will be considered," Moran said. "However, it's something that we have to talk about and really take into consideration, and not just react on the basis of one incident."

Meanwhile, the victim's family members say they plan to take their 13-year-old out of the district and are considering legal action.

"They should've reported it right away, and they didn't," said Bobet-Torres.

This incident comes around the same time that the school board has decided to fire its current superintendent, Dr. Carlinda Purcell, who is currently on medical leave.

For parents still concerned about this issue, you can speak face to face with school board members Monday at 7 p.m. at the school district's administration building, located at Eighth and Washington streets.

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