Fastnachts donated to the less fortunate

Fastnachts donated to the less fortunate

READING, Pa. - Enjoying fried donuts on Fastnacht Day is a tradition spanning many generations, and for one local group Tuesday, it was a tradition shared with the less fortunate.

"We're making Fastnachts for the men who live here, and serving God," said eight-year-old Benjamin Bracy, helping to fry the doughy delights at the Hope Rescue Mission in Reading.

Bracy, along with family members and friends through the Fleetwood Bible Church, spent hours on Monday preparing multiple Fastnacht batches for the 150+ homeless men served by the mission. Using a traditional, flour-based recipe, the crew whipped up close to 600 donuts, frying them all Tuesday morning.

"We were told that no one has been down here to make them fresh," said Kathi Bracy, Benjamin's mom. "One batch makes 13 dozen so we decided to multiply that by four and come down and bless the men."

Robert Turchi, Executive Director of the mission on N. 6th Street, said the help was "encouraging."

"I think they get used to the regular food here at the mission, so a delicious sweet treat like this, I know, is going to put a lot of smiles on their faces," he told 69 News.

The men were offered many of the Fastnachts during lunch on Tuesday, receiving the remainder for dinner.

"It feels kind of nice because we're helping others," said 10-year-old Allison Bracy, who hoped the Fastnachts would be well-received. "I've tried a couple of them… they're good!"

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