Food stamp soda ban could help prevent obesity

Food stamp soda ban could help prevent obesity

READING, Pa. - Doctors say soda and other sugary drinks are one of the leading causes of obesity.

"The more our society drinks these sugary drinks, the higher we see the obesity. It almost creates that sugar addiction, that sugar rush because it is so concentrated," said Dr. Fred Ceppa, Bariatric Surgeon at Reading Hospital.

Researchers at Stanford University conducted a study and found that banning soda and other sugary drinks from the food stamp program would lead to significant drops in obesity and diabetes rates among the poor.

The study found that cutting out the fizzy drinks would prevent at least 141,000 kids from getting fat and 240,000 adults from developing Type 2 diabetes.

Some in Reading say this is a good idea.

"I mean, it makes sense," said Dilaylah Torres of Reading.

"I think it is a good thing personally. Food stamps are supposed to make you a better person, you know build yourself up and I think buying sugary snacks and stuff is a detriment to the people," said Jeremy Richard of Reading.

But others disagree saying they grew up drinking soda and turned out ok.

"I do not agree because it is food, it is a drink. It is a refreshment, especially in the summer time most people drink soda. It is bad for your health because you gain weight or whatever. But I believe whoever is trying to make that decision is wrong," said Miguel Correa of Reading.

Lawmakers have not yet moved to enact this food stamp soda ban.

But for the time being, it still will not stop doctors from encouraging you to kick the can.

"If we are truly looking at trying to make our society healthier and people healthier, yes. Or taxing them or making them more difficult for people to get. Absolutely, it would make for a healthier society," said Ceppa.

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