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Fundraiser planned for Delaney Brown who's battling leukemia

Fundraiser planned for young girl battling leukemia

MOUNT PENN, Pa. - Community members in Berks County are gathering support for a little girl with leukemia.

"It was the most devastating thing to hear," said Jennifer Capone-Brown.

That is Jennifer Capone-Brown recounting the moment she found out her seven-year old daughter had leukemia. Delaney Brown was initially diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes. But then her mother says Laney still did not feel well.

"She was so tired. Just pain in her legs mostly. She could not walk," said Capone-Brown.

That is when doctors diagnosed Laney with a rare form of leukemia. But her mother says that did not stop Laney from being an uplifting little girl.

"She is just such a fighter. She is so strong, she is optimistic. She never complains. She is always looking at the good side of things not the bad. She tries to have fun every day. She plays jokes on the doctors, the nurses, things like that. She is a fun girl," said Capone-Brown.

Store owners at the Learning Express Wyomissing saw that happiness and decided to have a fundraiser to support Laney.

These rainbow loom bracelets are Laney's favorite to make. So if you buy any supplies on Saturday, 50% of the proceeds will go to Laney.

"The number of customers that want to help her is amazing. It really is. So anything I can do. I wish I could be the magic cure of it," said Learning Express owner Erica Orient.

Laney's mother says she was amazed when the store owners wanted to host a fundraiser for her daughter.

"The community is so tight knit and loving of my daughter. And you know, people willing to come out and help someone they have not met or do something for someone. It just shows how much good is in the world," said Capone-Brown.

The fundraiser is at Learning Express Wyomissing on Saturday from 9:30 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Laney has already undergone chemotherapy and radiation at Hershey Medical Center. Doctors plan to perform a bone marrow transplant within the next few weeks.

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