Future of two elementary schools still undecided

Future of two elementary schools still undecided

SPRING TWP., Pa. - A local school district continues to weigh its options when it comes to the future of two elementary schools. The decision to keep those schools open or close them.

This was the third meeting on the topic of what will happen to the two oldest elementary schools in the Wilson school district, Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing.

At West Wyomissing elementary school in Spring Township Wednesday night people filled the auditorium to hear about the four options the Wilson school board will look at when deciding the fate of Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing.

"Any scenario we go to it's going to require the schools being shut down at least part time because we don't have the option any longer of not doing anything," said Dr. Rudy Ruth, Wilson School District Superintendent.

"If they're going to do anything I would prefer they build the new school and we can all go over to Lincoln Park," said Kim Hoekstra, West Wyomissing Elementary School PTO President.

The two most expensive options are building a new elementary school for both school populations or renovating the two old buildings completely.

A parent asked the superintendent during the meeting, "Are those financially viable for this school district?"

Ruth responded, "We had the most difficult budget cycle that I've ever experienced this past year and we think we'll be building character for the future."

The superintendent said the school board has to consider the entire district when making a decision.

The two other options on the table would be to close Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing and renovating the other elementary schools in the district or adding classrooms to the other elementary schools.

"Personally, as a parent my main concern is keeping the school open like I want them to be open," said Hoekstra, "I like having the school that I can get here in two minutes if I need to since I do have three children that attend here."

Some things that were mentioned during the meeting that don't sound promising for keeping the two schools open, Wilson has closed five community elementary schools in the past.  And they are also considering buying buses to send West Wyomissing students to Spring Ridge Elementary and Lincoln Park students to Shiloh Hills Elementary.

The school board plans to make a decision this fall.

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