Gas prices climbing in Berks County

Gas prices climbing in Berks County

READING, Pa. - The price at the pump is skyrocketing across Berks County.

"I think it is a little outrageous," said Rob Piper of Reading.

"It is crazy," said Nancy Sands of Reading. "Everywhere you go, it is too much."

Prices have increased by more than 10 cents a gallon in the last two weeks, leaving drivers to pay $3.74, $3.77 or even a whopping $3.79 a gallon.

"I think it is really too high right now. And with the economy and people need to go to work, I think it needs to be a little lower," said Sheilah Nestro of West Reading.

Prices at the Lukoil in West Reading have gone up by more than 14 cents a gallon over the last two weeks.

Owner Hamid Chaudhry says it is because refineries are shutting down for scheduled maintenance.

"There is more demand and less supply as more and more refineries are switching over from winter mix to summer mix," said Lukoil owner Hamid Chaudhry.

With gas prices approaching $3.80 a gallon, people across Berks County fear how high it could get this summer.

"I would not be surprised if it was over $4 by the summertime," said Piper.

"I am going away for Memorial Day. So I am already budgeting a higher gas expense than I thought I would. So that is going to eat up more costs than I think food will," said Josh Gilmore of Temple.

If you are feeling the pinch in your pocket, AAA has some money saving tips:
Watch your speed, do not overbuy gas grades, buy when you see cheaper prices instead of waiting until you are on empty and check your tire pressure to make sure they are not under-inflated.

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