Gas prices on the way up

Gas prices on the way up

Drivers have sticker shock when they pull up to the pump in Berks County. Prices have skyrocketed to $3.65 a gallon.

"When I pulled over to get gas, I was like Oh my God. It went up again. So I am not filling my tank. It is just too much," said driver Nicole Parr.

The owner of Lukoil in West Reading told us the wholesale price of gas jumped by 13 cents a gallon over this last week. He tells us it is because the brutal winter is putting more of a demand on heating oil.

"It is the same pizza pie cut different ways, so when the demand goes up for the heating oil, the price goes up," said Hamid Chaudhry.

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Small business owner Richard Acker, who drives from one location to another taking care of aquariums, says this price hike is killing him.

"Every time it goes up you cannot jack up the prices for your customers. It would not fair to them. What is happening, I have no idea. But it is not good for the small businesses that is for sure," said driver Richard Acker.

Others who can cut back on driving, say they will until prices drop.

"I try to do my errands all at one time. It helps a little bit, let us put it that way. You do not feel like you are just running out just to do one thing, back home again and then the next day you are running back out again," said driver Debbie Kortze.

"I have been driving a lot less because it is just too much money," said Parr.

Once winter ends, one can only hope the prices will start to fall again, but they will not fall too far because you cannot forget about the nine cent tax on wholesale gas that started in Pennsylvania this January.

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