Girl with diabetes seeks unlikely caregiver

Exeter family raising money for diabetic alert dog

Girl with diabetes seeks unlikely caregiver; video report by WFMZ's Amanda VanAllen

EXETER TWP., Pa. - So many little things have to happen just to get 13-year-old Kylee Dwinal through the day safely.

"Her pump is like a little machine. It's almost like a little pager," said her mother, Shelley Dwinal.

Kylee was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of two.

"When my sugar's high, I'll feel cranky, and then if I give myself too much insulin, my sugar could drop and I'll feel my hands will be shaky," said the Exeter Township Junior High School student.

"I'll get tired very quickly and, depending on what I eat to get carbs back into my system, it might spike up," she said.

"She'll have invitations from friends to do sleepovers, things like that, and she's been able to do that, but we need to be able to get in their house or wake her up in the middle of the night to make sure she's OK," said her father, Lee Dwinal.

Kylee said she's probably pricked her finger to check her sugar about 35,000 times.
Her family wants to alleviate some of that pain and get her a diabetic alert dog.

"Some of them have been trained to dial 911 on a special machine. They can retrieve her glucometer, and give it to us to alert us to check her sugar," said Lee Dwinal.

The Dwinal family visited the Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia. They said they would like to get the dog from the center, and will, if one is available when they finally have the money.

"I wouldn't have to check my sugar as much. I wouldn't have little dots on my fingers from the needle," said Kylee.

So far, the family has raised about 10 percent of what's needed. The dog costs $25,000. They are far from their goal, but incredibly grateful.

"A huge thank you for everyone whose done anything," said Shelley Dwinal as she held back tears. "So a big thank you."

You can go online to check on Kylee's journey or donate.

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