Governor Mifflin students walk out of school in protest of district decision

Students walk out of school in protest of district decision

SHILLINGTON, Pa. - Frustration is mounting in the Governor Mifflin School district over an extended school year thanks to the snow.

On Tuesday, about 30 seniors walked out of school in protest.

The snow has already caused their graduation day to be postponed once, and with more snow on the way, it could be postponed yet again.

"Today, I thought this was a way of getting a voice out for the students," said student Austin Speck.

School officials are reviewing surveillance footage to identify the students who walked out.

Administrators say they had to push back the graduation date because schools must offer 180 days of in-class instruction.

If they don't comply with that requirement, they could incur thousands of dollars in state fines, paid for with taxpayer dollars.

"This is a tentative date [for graduation]," said superintendent Daniel Bulinski. "And it was posted in all our calendars. So every family knows that it is a tentative date and to plan around that."

Graduation is scheduled for June 14th at the Santander Arena. But that location could be in jeopardy if the district has to shut down again for snow.

"With the date being pushed back, several of our students wouldn't be able to walk with us [for graduation]," said Abigail Mansell, student. "I mean these are my classmates and my friends. I want to walk with them on my graduation."

School district officials say if they have to add on more days to the year, they will in order to comply with state requirements.

Officials say the principal is looking into whether the students will be reprimanded for walking out of school without notice.

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