Grant allows Exeter police to target aggressive motorcyclists

Grant allows police to target aggressive motorcyclists

EXETER TWP., Pa. - Watch out. Police are on heightened patrol in Exeter Township.

It is all part of a grant from PennDOT to crack down on aggressive drivers, particularly motorcycle drivers. 

"I think it is a good idea," said Brianna Graczyk, a driver. "I have seen people weaving in and out like speeding and it is pretty scary sometimes. They come up in your blind spot and you do not see them."

Exeter police are targeting motorcyclists because they said 38 percent of all fatal crashes in the township involve a motorcycle being driven aggressively.

"If there are a lot of fatalities, then it needs to be done. People have to be safe on the roads, both the cyclist and the people in cars, so it would probably be for the best," said Chris Faro, a driver.

"I think everybody needs to be monitored in some way for their driving, so that is probably a good thing for them and other people, as well," said Carol Seidel, a driver.

While some drivers think extra enforcement is a good thing, they do not agree that all motorcyclists drive aggressively.

"There are a few that you see running around a little too fast and sometimes they will cut in front of you, but for the most part, I think they are alright," said Kathy Samsel, a driver.

During the enforcement, police will also be making sure motorcycles are inspected and meet state codes.

The motorcycle crackdown has already started and will last through the end of September.

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