Group gathers donations for New Jersey shore storm victims

Berks group donates to NJ shore storm victims

GILBERTSVILLE, Pa. - The devastation in New Jersey was so close and many have wondered how can they help. An idea to throw some water into a pickup truck and drive it to the shore has grown into something much bigger.

The Zern's Farmers Market just outside Boyertown in Gilbertsville looked like a church.

"It's just everybody getting together singing the hymns and then praying for the folks that have been devastated by Sandy," said John Yoast of WBYN.

Sandy knocked out Scott Davis' power for four days.

"It was just a minor inconvenience compared to what people are dealing with," said Davis, president of Baldy Hill Bible Tract.

Davis is talking about the people on the Jersey shore.

"I keep looking at the weather report in the 20s next week at night," said Davis, "There's people without homes, people without clothes, people that are struggling to find water to drink. We have to do something."

He was ready to do anything.

"I said, 'Hey, if I decided I wanted to put a couple hundred dollars worth of food and water in the back of my truck drive to New Jersey on Sunday would you want to go,'" said Davis.

"I thought yeah let's do it," said Yoast.

John Yoast at WBYN announced Friday morning there will be a hymn sing and asked listeners to bring a donation.

"It's been wonderful to see how much of an outpouring has come in such a little bit of time," said Lori Davis.

They hope that more people will come Saturday 10 am to 10 pm at Zern's Farmers Market.

"He said, 'I think we're going to need a bigger truck,'" said Lori Davis.

And they know who needs it.

"King of King's Community Church, they're looking forward to seeing us out there and they're waiting for us," said Yoast.

Yoast said that church in Manahawkin, NJ has become a shelter. They need clothes, blankets, water, gas cans...

"Any type of donated items that people can use in New Jersey to get it in their hands as soon as possible," said Yoast.

The trucks leave Sunday morning.

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