Group recommends safety precautions on river trail

Group recommends safety precautions on river trail

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - The Thun Trail is a popular place for people to get some exercise.  But earlier this week, police said a man was forced to open fire after being attacked by three teenagers. Now, some are wondering what safety precautions should be taken on the trail.

Wednesday police said an older man had to defend himself on the Thun Trail after being knocked over by three teenagers.

He chose to use a gun.

"I think people have the right to carry guns as long as it's licensed and that's certainly their business not ours," said Kurt Zwikl, the executive director of the Schulykill Heritage Area.

The Schuylkill Heritage Area which is a non-profit that cares for the Schuylkill River Trail that includes the Thun section in Berks County.

Zwikl said what happened this week has never happened before.

"We feel badly for all parties involved," said Zwikl, "This is a situation that could occur anywhere.It just happened to occur on our trail."

But he said there are safety precautions they recommend for anyone using the trail.

"We encourage people that are going to be using our trail or any trail for the matter,they should always tell someone else where they're going," said Zwikl.

And Zwikl recommends anyone on the trail should bring a cell phone and take note of where you are.  They have trail markers along the route with numbers on it.

"So if you have a cell phone and you're in some sort of distress you can dial 911 and indicate the help locator number where you got on the trail and officials will be able to find you easier," said Zwikl.

He also recommended you don't go alone.

"They should always ride, walk or run in pairs," said Zwikl.

But again Zwikl said Wednesday's incident was unusual.

"We're hopeful this will not happen again."

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