Growing number of potholes wrecking roads, destroying tires

Growing number of potholes wrecking roads, destroying tires

READING, Pa. - Growing number of potholes wrecking roads, destroying tires. Many that were already fixed this winter have resurfaced, and the problem is expected to get worse.

Potholes can been seen in every size, shape and depth on roads in Berks County.

"It's like you cant avoid them, I'm like swerving all day because you cant avoid them," said Leyla Deckman, who lives in Reading.

"It knocks the steering out of your hand if you hit them at a normal speed so it gets a little hairy," said Ken Steiner, who lives in Blandon.

In Reading, officials said they've filled at least 730 potholes in January alone. That compares to only about 100 filled last winter.

After back-to-back snowstorms, many potholes have returned. Crews were out Friday making a temporary fix, but they're struggling to keep up.

"As I'm driving I'm seeing them pretty much everywhere, every block there is at least a couple," said Deckman.

"You have to be cautious and careful where you are going and driving," said Mary Ann Noll, who lives in Ruscombmanor Township.

In Fleetwood, officials said the potholes have been so bad drivers are swerving to try and miss them, but some are unavoidable, and they're causing a lot of damage.

"It can damage the inside of the tire, it can cause a leak and it can lead to a flat that will permanently damage the tire," said Bill Bickley, assistant manager at CJ's Tire and Automotive Services in Amity Township.

According to Bickley, the pothole problem can throw out your vehicle's alignment, and workers have been busy this winter replacing tires.

"The cold weather paired with the snow has definitely had a greater volume of customers come in for us," said Bickley.

The cold weather is wreaking havoc leaving no road immune. With winter far from over, crews expect the problem to get even worse.

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