Hail damages hundreds of vehicles

Hail damages hundreds of vehicles

WYOMISSING, Pa. - People across Wyomissing were in a state of fear as powerful winds and damaging hail pummeled the region.

"It was very scary in there. We thought the roof was literally going to come off the building, that is how bad it was. We could not hear anything. The customers were panicking," said Kathy Gechter.

Some were able to escape it by running into businesses, while others, like Jackie Illes who is eight months pregnant, were left stranded on the highway.

"I ended up climbing in the back seat because I was afraid this was going to break in my face," said Illes.

People say the golf-ball sized hail only lasted about five minutes, but it packed a punch, leaving extensive damage to hundreds of vehicles.

"The back window is gone, two rear view mirrors are gone and the windshield is all cracked. We have got damage to the headlights and the bumpers, everything," said Kristine Wenrich.

"The dents are unbelievable. It is unbelievable. I have never seen anything like that in my life," said Nancy Perno.

Much of Berks County now looks like a war zone as damaged vehicles and piles of glass liter the streets.

"I almost freaked because I do not have money to buy another vehicle and I just hope the insurance company pays for it," said Gechter.

It left people in awe of what mother nature can do.

"It is just amazing how much damage nature can do. I was not involved with hurricane Sandy and Katrina. But now you can see just one little hail storm, just how much it can really hurt," said David Perno.

There were just so many cars damaged that drivers are having a tough time getting through to their insurance companies and are also being told that tow companies are in a state of emergency. So many of the vehicles could be left damaged for quite some time before they get repaired.

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