High heat, humidity make for steamy, pre-summer day

High heat, humidity make for steamy, pre-summer day

LEESPORT, Pa. - Temperatures in Berks County soared into the 90s again Wednesday, and the steamy conditions could give way to some severe storms.

The Leesport Pool was open for business, which offered kids and their parents some relief from the season's first dose of heat.

"It's really hot because when we're playing four square over there, we have to dump water on the macadam because it's so hot and burns our feet," said Wolf Arnold, who was enjoying the start of his summer vacation.

The weather is the warmest we have seen in more than nine months. Bernie Spohn can vouch for that because he worked outside during the summer-like scorcher Wednesday.

"It's hot believe me and at the end of the day when you're done you're drained…I mean you're tired usually but this really drains you out in the sun," said Spohn, owner of Bernard G. Spohn Construction.

Spohn spends at least eight hours a day in the hot sun.

"I go through a lot of water. I went through two jugs of water yesterday. You have to drink a lot. That is the key to the whole thing, drinking," said Spohn.

Doctors said water, loose clothing and taking breaks are key to avoiding a heat-related illness. Heat exhaustion can lead to a heart stroke. Some of the warning signs include profuse sweating, dizziness, nausea, a rapid heartbeat and muscle cramps.

Barbara Zerbe knows the drill. She sat under a canopy at the Leesport Farmers Market on Wednesday. It's a usual hot spot, but they felt some relief.

"We have a really nice breeze today. Without the breeze it would have been a killer, but with water and the breeze, it's OK," said Zerbe.    

A lot of people said their bodies are not used to the hot weather after that brutally cold winter, but many said they will take the 90s over snow any day.

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