Higher gas prices keep some closer to home this July 4th

Higher gas prices keep some closer to home this July 4th

LEESPORT, Pa. - Rosie Perez and her family plan on staying close this upcoming Fourth of July weekend because money is tight and gas prices are too high.

"It is ridiculous. A lot people can go to Ocean City, Maryland. But you know how much it takes. You spend more to get out there to have fun," said Perez.

She is not alone.

The national average for regular gasoline is around $3.67 a gallon.

That is what is holding the Campo family of six back from visiting family at the Jersey Shore.

"It is really expensive to go out for a big family. The gas and everything is expensive," said Ivanova Campo of Reading.

Gas prices are 20 cents a gallon higher than they were this time last year and the highest average price since 2008.

The turmoil in Iraq is what is driving prices up.

They are expected to be at their highest level in six years and the hike is hitting families hard.

"We sold the SUV and went to a four cylinder and you drive to work and you still spend $40 to $50 a week in gas alone," said Perez.

So although AAA predicts nearly 35 million people will be hitting the road for the fourth, some in Berks County say maybe next year.

"You still have to feed a family. It is really hard," said Perez.

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