Hot jobs available for those looking to learn, work hard

Hot jobs in Berks County

When it comes to jobs, we're more likely to hear about the unemployment rate, but there are plenty of companies in Berks County with hot jobs for workers.

Work can feel like work, but it doesn't at Custom Processing in Exeter Township, said the boss, Gregg Shemanski.   

"By the time you look up, it's time to go home," said Shemanski, president of the company, which grinds, mills and pulverizes food and pharmaceutical particles.

It's no secret the economy has been rough, but Shemankski said his company has benefited from other companies laying off good workers.

"They were downsized and they're looking for something stable, something long term and something really to put some effort toward," said Shemanski, adding that it's his job to fill more jobs. "We are looking to increase about 10 percent of our workforce for this year."

Custom Processing isn't the only local company hiring for engineering, manufacturing and warehousing jobs.

"We hire daily and we interview daily, as well," said Kristi Gage, of Gage Personnel.  "I've certainly noticed an increase in people hiring. Certainly every company has their own requirements."    

East Penn Manufacturing is also hiring for about 30 positions. You can go to its Richmond Township complex from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to fill out an application.

"You got to be willing to learn," said Kari Allen, a personnel recruiter for East Penn, which makes batteries for everything from cars to wheelchairs. 

The company even foots the bill to send new employees who don't have enough manufacturing experience to the Schmidt Technology Center at Reading Area Community College.

"With any position, we don't just throw them out there in production and say, 'Hey, you got to learn his job,'" said Allen. "We have trainers in every aspect of our departments."

It's been called one of best places to work in Pennsylvania year after year, but they stressed you need to be flexible when it comes to your shift and where you start. Remember, a hot job today could become your career.

"I started out in production," said Allen. "I worked my way up and definitely provided a career for me and brought money home for me and my family."   

Experts said you have to be willing to start somewhere.   

"Once you do get your foot in the door, there is an opportunity to make a great salary," said Gage.

Custom Processing's pay makes it a hot company, officials said.

"They are family sustaining jobs with benefits," said Shemanski. "We look very hard for the people that fit us, and we really try hard to take care of the people that come to work for us."

If you're looking for your hot job, you can go directly to the companies we mentioned or to Gage Personnel, which can match your skills with companies that are hiring.

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