HS player suspended for fight on field now eligible to play

HS player suspended for fight on field now eligible to play

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Tensions on the field will be high in Kutztown. Hamburg High School's starting quarterback Joe Cominksy, who was caught on camera bashing an opponent in the head with his helmet, is expected to take the field.

Cominsky sat out the first two games following the incident. People in Kutztown are still shaken by his actions.

"I thought it was poor sportsmanship. I mean, I cheered my whole life and I cheered for football players, so when I heard about it, I just thought that it was wrong," said Aliyah Mengel, of Kutztown.

"You should not do those actions in any type of game, whether it is allowed or not. You should always limit yourself. I play roller derby. I limit myself," said Mandy Adams, of Kutztown.

Now, three weeks after the fight, the Hamburg Area School District is allowing Cominsky to go back onto the field. People in Kutztown have differing opinions.

"I do not think that is a good decision. It is going to set a bad example to other players who think they can just do what they want and just not have any consequences. They need to be held responsible for what they did and sit out the whole season," said Michael Salazar, of Kutztown.

"I personally would keep an eye out, but I would not be too worried about it because, after a while, everybody learns their lesson," said Adams.

And others just hope the coaches and referees keep a close eye on him.

"Any sign of frustration or anything from him, I would say pull him as soon as possible," said Mengel.

Defenders of Cominsky said he was provoked.

South Annville Township police have yet to announce if Cominsky will face any criminal charges.

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