Job swap raises money for Cumru Elementary School

Job swap raises money for elementary school

SHILLINGTON, Pa. - A local principal tried his hand at store management Monday morning after swapping jobs with a GIANT Food Store employee.

"Working in the education world, you don't get to see everything that happens in the business world, and vice versa," said Richard Kaskey, principal at Cumru Elementary School.

The "boss swap" idea came about after a Cumru Elementary teacher nominated Kaskey as part of the GIANT A+ School Rewards Annual Principal Challenge. Kaskey was selected along with three other elementary schools across the state, each receiving a $1,000 donation.

Kaskey caught up with 69 News while shadowing Jeff Lebo, store manager at the GIANT's Shillington location. The two spent the morning hours walking aisle to aisle, engaging with employees, and checking out produce.

"He's been doing a good job!" said Lebo, whose assistant store manager, Brooke Culbertson-Weiser, was meanwhile tending to Principal Kaskey's duties.

"Classroom hopping basically… just getting the bits and pieces… the ins and outs," said Culbertson-Weiser. "It's been very exciting and energetic."

Both Culbertson-Weiser and Principal Kaskey were pleased that the chosen "challenge" allowed for the two organizations to interact.

"We need the support of the community to help mold these kids into productive citizens," said Kaskey. "And I think the more you do that and the more partnerships you have with your community, and show that you appreciate it, they'll appreciate you as well."

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