Kutztown Folk Festival cooks making it through the heat

Cooks don't mind heat at Kutztown Folk Festival

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - With hot weather like we had Tuesday, making it through the Kutztown Folk Festival can provide challenges for those spending the week behind grills and fryers.

"You have to drink lots of fluids and stay in the shade," said Garret Miller, with the Kutztown Optimist Club, where cooks are dishing out BBQ, crab cakes and pierogies.

"It's very hot!" said Enos Bleiler, with the Kutztown Area School Music Association (KASMA) stand, offering fried treats.

"We have five deep friers that are going 360 degrees, so it throws off a lot of heat," said Bleiler.

Fortunately, cooks said the hot temperatures aren't keeping the customers away, although many also purchase cooler snacks.

"They want something very refreshing so I'll tell them, 'have a frozen latte or an orange creamsicle'... that's very nice during this weather," said Lorraine Mazzucco, owner of the Old Fashioned Desserts stand.

The stand's customers told 69 News they were hoping the cool treats would help refresh them.

"We've been walking around for awhile now and this is a nice treat on our way back out, so something to cool us down again. I think it'll keep us going," said Nick Emery, who purchased root beer floats for his children.

Many said they were relieved by the morning breeze on Tuesday, and hoped the relief would last.

But even so, workers said the high temperatures are well worth the festival perks.

"It's different than any other festival, and the food is different. Oh, such a great selection of food," said Mazzucco.

"It's great up here, great place to come, have drinks and food and see all the different sights," said Bleiler, who's also pleased to be raising funds for his organization while at the festival, as is the Kutztown Optimist Club stand.

"We always do it for the kids," said Bleiler.

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