Lawyer speaks out about Parking Authority case

Lawyer speaks out about Parking Authority case

READING, Pa. - Several Reading Parking Authority attendants, accused of stealing thousands of dollars in parking fees, have retained well-known defense attorney, Allan Sodomsky.

Sodomsky represents three of the defendants at the center of this investigation.

In an exclusive interview with 69 News, Sodomsky said, "At this point the government has proved nothing."

Police say a total of six parking attendants were keeping some of the money that drivers were paying to park in city parking garages during special events at Santander Arena, and at Santander Performing Arts Center.

The parking attendants tried to cheat the system, investigators explained, by alleging that fewer vehicles used the parking garages than was the case.

But it turns out that high-tech sensors installed under the cement were counting every car that actually rolled in.

But Sodomsky says the government still has not proven its case.

"They're going to have to prove that the machine was operable," said Sodomsky.

"That it was working at the time, that it didn't double count vehicles, that it didn't miss vehicles."

Then there's the issue of confessions.

Police say five defendants, including two of Sodomsky's clients, admitted to taking money.

But Sodomsky said, "Evidence has to be considered one step at a time, who said what, and to whom they said it."

69 News spoke with Parking Authority board members earlier this week, and they stressed they wanted to hold on to the public's trust.

But even the board chairman conceded that the parking attendants, accused of stealing more than $70,000 in parking fees, must be considered innocent until proven guilty.

"It would be unprofessional of me to comment at this time, until these gentleman have their chance to have their day in court," said Dr. Gary Wegman, chairman of the Reading Parking Authority board.

If the parking attendants are found guilty, Sodomsky says he will work with authorities to make sure the money is paid back to the cash-strapped city of Reading.

Also, if found guilty, the parking attendants could face up to seven years in prison.

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