Locals stocking up, preparing for snowstorm

Locals stocking up, preparing for snowstorm

SHOEMAKERSVILLE, Pa. - With another arctic blast on the way, many on Friday spent the day stocking up on supplies to prepare.

"We have a lot of people coming in," said Jesse Heffner, General Manager at Kuzan's Hardware Rental and Equipment Center in Shoemakersville.

Heffner said the shop was quickly selling out of rock salt, wood pellets and even snow blowers.

"We got about two dozen [snow blowers] in last week and we'll probably be out of them by tonight or definitely tomorrow," said Heffner.

Among those quickly snatching up the machines was Doug Williams, of Hamburg.

"Just for personal use, in front of my house," said Williams. "And if I can help anybody else out, I will."

Williams said he opted to buy the blower after past storms required him to hire a private contractor to remove snow from the front of his home.

"That's how much snow and ice we had," he said.

While many are buying new snow blowers, others are paying to get their old machines fixed.

Heffner told 69 News that dozens have been coming in with broken blowers, damaged by ice, collapsing storage facilities, or other problems.

"A lot of them are carburetor issues, that have to do with gas and cleaning out the old gas… because it's been about two years since people have had to use these snow blowers," said Heffner.

He said another significant source of business involves rentals. By Friday, half of the store's back hoes were rented out for the weekend. He expected all to be leased within the next day or two.

"Most of 'em get rented out to contractors," said Heffner. "Then the homeowners start renting them to open up their driveways if their snow blower can't handle it or if they don't have a snow blower."

While the constant sales, rentals and repairs have been good for business, Heffner said the high demand for products has also provided extra expenses.

"We're managing to sell as much as we can to the public, unfortunately our costs keep going up with the trucking and being able to get it," said Heffner.

Overall, he and customers said they're looking forward to spring.

"With all the snow at one time, it just has a lot of people down and out," said Williams. "I'm ready for the beach… that's what I'm ready for."

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