Lurie wants Reid leading Birds for another year

Lurie wants Reid leading Birds for another year

READING, Pa. - Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is staying on the sidelines. Owner Jeff Lurie gave Reid a vote of confidence Tuesday, but how do the fans feel about keeping Reid in the nest despite a dismal season?

The Pike Cafe in Reading is a popular place for Eagles fans to gather on Sundays and on Tuesday night the talk was all about the coach.

"Everybody expected great things and it didn't happen," said Ralph Dromie of Reading.

Many fans agree with Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie who said this season's 8-8 record was the most disappointing of his tenure.

"It was horrible," said Ed Thomas of Sinking Spring, "I've been an Eagle fan for years. They should have won half the games they lost."

And Thomas like many other fans said he wants a change in the coaching staff.

"They lost why? Can't hold a lead. It's coaching," said Thomas.

But other fans aren't as quick to blame Coach Andy Reid.

"A lot of my friends disagree with me they go, 'Michael you own a sports cafe and restaurant and you're still in love with Andy Reid,'" said Michael Pullano, owner of the Pike Café, "I say he brought a winning team to Philadelphia no matter how you look at it."

And Reid's 13 season record is what Lurie pointed to when he announced that Reid is staying put.

"I think they have one of the best coaches in the NFL and they should keep Andy Reid as long as he'll stay in Philadelphia and put up with the fans," said Gary Wright of Reading.

Wright is a Steeler fan. He can say what he wants about Eagles fans, but at the Pike Cafe many were pretty reasonable.

"Thought he made some bonehead decisions," said Shawn Hissinger of Reading, "But we all are human so hopefully he learned from his mistakes."

But some of them are only reasonable to a point.

"Forgive as long as they win next year," said Hissinger.

"If he doesn't get to playoffs at least to the playoffs next year, far into the playoffs then you got look somewhere else," said Dromie.

Reid will return for his 14th season with the Eagles. He has two years left on his contract.

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