Made Right Here: Foose Cookie Cutters

Made Right Here: Foose Cookie Cutters

FLEETWOOD, Pa. - Kristy Killian left her mark on her family's business at a young age. She's the third generation in a family of tinsmiths.

Foose is their name and cookie cutters are their game!

"My grandfather started the business in the early 1970's," said Killian, who handles marketing and Internet sales for Fleetwood, Berks County based H.O. Foose Tinsmithing Co. "He was a tinsmith. He and my grandmother traveled the country doing different craft shows."

Bugs, balls, hearts, hands and more- every shape is made by hand.

"The raw tin comes on like a thousand pound roll," said Rick Keller, the supervisor of production. "And then from there we take it through the machine and cut it."

After the tin is cut into strips, each strip is inserted in a rolling machine to make it round.

That way it works better around the pattern. Then, that strip of tin becomes whatever these "tinsmiths" want it to be.

The storage room is stocked, floor to ceiling, with shapes for every occasion and imagination. Just don't expect those shapes to linger there for long.

"The other day I did ship one to Portugal, Congo, you name it," said Killian.

And every hand-crafted creation has one thing in common: the Foose name is stamped on all the tin.

"With my grandfather's last name on every cookie cutter, there's no doubt for our customers they're getting a USA handmade, tin cookie cutter," said Killian.

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