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Man charged with giving alcohol to minors

Man charged with giving alcohol to minors

WYOMISSING, Pa. - A Wyomissing parent is facing charges after police said they found teens drinking alcohol in his home.

Bryan Gentry's lawyer, Allan Sodomsky sat down to explain what happened last month and the charges Gentry is facing.

"When I arrived Mr. Gentry was calm and standing on his property and the police were surrounding the property," said Sodomsky.

February 1, 2013, Friday night Allan Sodomsky went to his client, Bryan Gentry's home on Reading Boulevard. According to court documents police said they identified two underage females who were found drunk outside the home. And when they brought in more officers to secure the perimeter of the home, Bryan Gentry came outside saying officers needed to speak with his lawyer.

"It wasn't really a party that was thrown," said Sodomsky, "There was no invitations that were sent. It was impromptu as kids do. A few kids came over and then a few more kids came over before you know it there was a fair number of kids there."

Police said once they were allowed in the home they tested 25 kids for alcohol, all under 21 years old and 15 yielded a positive result.

"Just as an aside Mr. Gentry's son tested 0.0 on the breathalizer," said Sodomosky.

Police charged Gentry with two offenses, for furnishing liquor to minors and for hindering apprehension.  Police said Gentry allowed for some of the kids to avoid being tested.

"At any underage party you're going to have kids that run away either before, after while the police are there," said Sodomsky, "There's only so much that can be done.

They're kids and it's alcohol."

Sodomsky claims his client was resting upstairs when the drinking was happening downstairs.

"Which one of us is the perfect parent? Mr. Gentry is a great member of our community. He is probably one of it not the most charitable person I know. I know this won't deter him," said Sodomsky, "It's incredibly embarassing for him."

Sodomsky said Gentry is cooperating with law enforcement and believes there will be no permanent scarring on a criminal record for Gentry or the kids involved.

The district attorney has no comment at this time.

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