Man claims face of Jesus Christ can been seen on tree

Man claims face of Jesus Christ can been seen on tree

WYOMISSING, Pa. - Can the face of Jesus Christ be seen on a tree?

If you ask one Berks County man, the answer is yes. Kirk Yeager, of Wyomissing, who said he became disillusioned with God after his life took a turn for the worse, claims Christ's face can be found on a tree.

"Currently, I'm living on the streets. I'm living in my car," said Yeager.

Recently, while visiting his girlfriend at a friend's house on North Trent Avenue in Wyomissing, Yeager said he saw an image out of the ordinary.

"I happened to look up, and I just saw it, plain as day. The image of Christ," said Yeager, who claims that if you look closely, you can see images of a man's eyes, lips and facial hair on a tree trunk.

"I did some research on the computer and I was finding images of Christ in a burrito, French toast, cheese sandwiches, all sorts of places," said Yeager.

Religious scholars and theologians said images of Christ have been spotted around the world and that God does work in mysterious ways.

The believers also said there's a possibility the images could be signs from God that he is watching over us.

One Catholic priest said many people of faith want something tangible to associate their faith with. That is why claims of religious images spark curiosity for so many.

"It caught me by surprise. It really shocked me," said Yeager.

For Yeager, it was a sign for him to renew his faith and his personal relationship with God.

"Don't ever stop believing," said Yeager.

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