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Man shot, killed in Reading

Gunfire claims Reading man's life

READING, Pa. - A man is shot dead in the middle of the street in Reading early Saturday morning.  Now investigators are hunting for his killer.

In the cold calm of morning, the area near South Fourth and Chestnut Streets in Reading starts to wake up.  The beauty of the first flakes falling is over shadowed by the ugly crime that happened there hours earlier.

"Any given moment something can happen just out of the blue," said Gary Portalatin.  "That quickly your life could be gone."

Police say that's what happened to 37-year-old Raymond Miranda.  Officers rushed to the scene around 1AM after neighbors heard gunshots.

"That's when we heard the shots, it went pop pop, we thought it was a firecracker."

"I heard a young lady scream, she started screaming 'he got shot'," explained Portalatin.

Police found the Reading man dead in the middle of the street.  He had been shot multiple times.

"He looked at me and it looked like he just blew out his last breath of air," shared Portalatin.

Miranda was pronounced dead at the scene.  Folks who call the neighborhood home say they're numb to the violence, but the chill of a fatal shooting happening so close to home reminds them how valuable life is.

"It doesn't matter where you live at, it can happen anywhere."

Investigators tell us they're following up on leads and are making progress in the hunt for the trigger-man.

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