Man with local ties places flag on Seaside Heights coaster

Man with local ties places flag on Seaside Heights coaster

DOUGLASSVILLE, Pa. - Superstorm Sandy victims on the Jersey shore may be homeless, but they are not without hope, and one man put up a symbol for the world to see.

A man with roots in Douglassville, Berks Co., climbed a roller coaster that has been sitting in the Atlantic Ocean off Seaside Heights, N.J., ever since Sandy tore up the coastline and placed an American flag on top of it Tuesday.

[ Video: Man climbs atop roller coaster ]

Police said they apprehended Chris Angulo, who was videotaped walking down the roller coaster and getting into the police boat. According to reports, Angulo paddled a canoe out to the roller coaster and unfurled the flag.

His mom told reporters he did it to call attention to Sandy recovery. Diane Angulo lives in Douglassville and was on the phone, checking in on her son. She said police took her 38-year-old son to the hospital for an evaluation.

Her neighbors, who wave their own American flag, were surprised to hear of his feat.

"Very impressive," said Gary Birmingham. "I think that's very patriotic of him."

"Put his own health at risk to put an American flag up there and show that more people have support for what's going on," said Stephen Birmingham, who rode the Seaside Heights roller coaster in the past and he can't imagine scaling it, let alone doing it in the ocean. "It's pretty big, so climbing it would be pretty scary."

Chris Angulo's mom said he's a daredevil. Charges against him are pending. They'll likely include trespassing.

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