Many relieved government shutdown has ended

Many relieved government shutdown has ended

After two weeks off it was finally time to get back to work today for furloughed federal workers. But they are not the only ones breathing a sigh of relief.

Whether you were a federal government worker, a visitor to a national park or a woman awaiting approval on a USDA loan, all of the people we spoke with had one thing in common. They were relieved this shutdown was finally over.

"We are just thrilled to be back in business," said Edie Shean with the Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site.

Government employees came back to work Thursday and visitors to many of our national parks were relieved.

"We were very glad that they were open right away. They just signed the agreement and we are happy we can be here," said Hopewell Furnace visitor Jessica Cardwell.

The shutdown also affected others like Kelly Brown, whose USDA loan was stopped dead in its tracks, putting her at risk of losing out on her dream home in Boyertown. But once the shutdown ended, she was back to packing, hoping she will still be able to close on her house next week.

"I am just really relieved and excited now. I am looking forward to moving," said Kelly Brown.

But members of the public still tell us their happiness has not made them forget the impacts this shutdown has had the past two weeks.

"I still feel frustrated that this happened with the government. I am relieved that it is over. I certainly hope that it does not ever happen again because it was a very negative thing for our country," said Brown.

"It is unfortunate that some politicians think that is a good idea to do things like that. It is obviously not a good idea and I hope this is the end of those kinds of tactics," said Delaware Water Gap visitor James Langan.

Despite President Obama saying this will not happen again when the deal expires on January 15th, the people we spoke say they feel our legislators kicked the can down the road so to speak and this will become a reoccurring issue.

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