Met-Ed, PPL crews prepare for storm-related power outages

Utility crews prepare for storm-related power outages

Another winter storm is bearing down on us with an accumulation of ice in the mix this time around.

With the ice come power problems, and crews are preparing for the worst because of the snow that's already piled up on tree branches and wires from Monday's storm.

"We have been monitoring the weather conditions very closely, and as a result of that, we are making plans to deploy any resources we need in the areas that could get hit the hardest," said Mark Durbin, a Met-Ed spokesman.  

Met-Ed and PPL officials told 69 News they have plenty of people ready to spring into action if the electricity goes out, including dispatchers, line crews and forestry workers who can cut tree branches.

"We'll have a full compliment of our own people and our contractors that assist us on the system," said Joe Nixon, a PPL spokesman. "We'll be ready to go."

Companies are hoping that tree trimming done over the summer to keep branches away from power lines will help prevent major outages in many areas, but some people are not taking any chances.

"We got the generator, so we're not really worried," said Adam Metzger. "We can kind of get everything we need running."

"There are a lot of folks that went out and bought generators," added Nixon. "There is a safety side to that. Please use them very carefully. Never operate them in a closed area where fatal carbon monoxide fumes could build up."

The utilities said there are many ways their customers can report a power outage, including phone apps, Facebook, and the companies' websites.

Met-Ed customers can also call 888-544-4877; the number for PPL is 800-342-5775.

The number one advice is to always report your outage.

"A lot of times people are sitting there in the dark not calling us but they're the only ones on the street that have a problem," said Durbin.

Many are hoping for the best scenario, which is no loss of power at all.

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